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7 AM — Breakfast
8 AM - 5 PM — Sessions
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This agenda is just a teaser! The full agenda, bursting with even more insights, surprises, and valuable content, is on its way.

Car Wreck Cases: Pre-suit Magic

  • Onboarding the Client & Setting Expectations
  • Pre-suit Checklist
  • How to Manage A High-Volume Auto Practice
  • The Perfect Settlement/Demand Packet – from What’s Needed to When to Send
  • Follow-up & Pre-suit Negotiation Tips

Pre-Suit Settlement Strategies: Getting the Best Results

  • The Best Way to Conclude Your Case
  • The “Words to Use” When Settling for Maximum Result
  • How, When & Why to Pull the Plug on Pre-suit & File Your Lawsuit

Complaint & Written Discovery

  • Written Discovery – Interrogatories You Must Use!
  • Written Discovery – Request for Production & Admissions
  • Post-Suit/Pre-Depo Settlement Magic

The Battle Begins: Depositions & The Real Litigation

  • The Fact Witnesses & Expert Depos
  • The Defendants & Defense Expert Depos
  • Preparing & Defending the Client Depo

Auto Case Trial Prep

  • Pre-trial Settlement & Mediation Special Tactics
  • Jury Selection in Auto Cases
  • Order of Proof for the Best Foot Forward
  • The Key Theme for Your Case & Opening Must Do’s

The Trial of the Auto Case

  • Your Client vs. Defendant on the Stand
  • Courtroom “Pizzaz” & Demonstrative Evidence
  • The Best Closing Arguments in Auto Cases 

Big Truck Litigation

  • The Top 10 Key Differences of Auto Crash Cases & 18-Wheeler Crash Cases – Why there is no such thing as pre-suit settlement in a Big Truck Case!
  • What You Must Know & Use Regarding Federal Regulations & State Rules of the Road for Commercial Vehicles
  • Pre-suit Checklist & Must-Do’s
  • The Master Complaint: Who to Sue & Why
  • The Experts for the Plaintiff – Who, What, When, & Why
  • Written Discovery in a Big Truck Case – What You Must Have!
  • Critical Request for Production & Admissions for Each Defendant

Depositions in a Big Truck Case

  • Handling a Troopers & Law Enforcement Case
  • How to Identify a “Theme” For Your Truck or Commercial Vehicle Case
  • Presentations & Defending Your Experts in a Deposition
  • Winning Your Case with The Defense Experts

Depositions in A Commercial Vehicle Case

  • Using Federal Regulations
  • Advanced Strategies for Taking Key Truck Case Depos
  • When & How to Resolve a Big Truck or Commercial Vehicle Case

The Trial of A Big Truck Case

  • How to Pick the Right Jury in Your Commercial Truck Case
  • Order of Proof Tips & Vital Considerations
  • The “Theme” & Defense Expert Cross at Trial
  • Key Tips for Closing Arguments in Big Truck & Commercial Vehicle Cases

This agenda is just a teaser!

The full agenda will be available soon.
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